When Would I Use American Auto Protect’s Protection?


Chances are VERY good that after your original manufacturer’s warranty expires, you’re going to need a major car repair! Most car warranties end after 3 years, yet the average person keeps their car for 6 years. Which means you’re “on your own” during the time when your car is most likely to need repairs! Transmissions can start slipping. Engines may need to be replaced. Air conditioners fail. Water pumps go out. All of these are VERY costly when you have to pay out of pocket. Most people don’t have $500 to $3500+ sitting in their bank account that they can just hand over to the mechanic to get their car back into working order.

American Auto Protect gives you the peace of mind that when these costly situations come up, it’s no big deal – your contract pays for the covered repairs! Just pay a $50 or $100 deductible and that’s it – the mechanic just hands you the keys and you just drive on down the road like nothing happened! And that’s not all…

We Make Sure Car Repairs Don’t Disrupt Your Life

Cars can break down at the worst times! On the highway in the middle of the night. On the way to a job interview. When your wife or kids are driving and they’re a long way from home. There’s no way of knowing when a car problem is going to rear its ugly head.

And it’s not just the potential danger of being stranded on the side of the road. Not having a car for 2 or 3 days (or longer) is a major inconvenience that can totally disrupt your life! You still need to get yourself to work, pick up the kids, go to the grocery and carry on with your day-to-day life.

That’s why American Auto Protect not only protects your finances, we also keep your LIFE from being disrupted when your car breaks down. As part of our service, we offer:

  1. 24 hour nationwide roadside assistance
  2. Towing to the repair facility
  3. Rental car reimbursement*
  4. Trip interruption reimbursement*

*You must have an authorized and coverable claim to receive rental car or trip interruption reimbursement. Please read the actual contract documents for important details on coverage, limits, conditions and terms.

So the next time your car breaks down, instead of worrying, you’ll be able to say “No Worries. I have American Auto Protect!”

Great Customer Service When It Really Matters

Nothing is more frustrating than getting the run-around from customer service when you’re in a bad situation. The last thing anyone wants to hear is “sorry, that’s not covered” when you’re least expecting it. With American Auto Protect, we pride ourselves in our ability to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. This means you’ll fully understand exactly WHAT is covered and what is NOT before a problem occurs, not after.

We will be there for you in a timely and courteous manner. In fact, 96% of payments are made to repair shops by credit card within one hour of receiving an invoice!

What Satisfied Customers Have To Say About Us

John from Texas – “I purchased coverage on my 2013 Hyundai Sonata right before I hit the 60,000 mile marker and was able to extend a full comprehensive coverage which ended up saving me over $2,145 when I had to take it in to get the AC, cooling system, radio, and drive axle replaced.

Mike from Ohio – I purchased coverage on my 2011 Dodge Challenger and just 90 days after I had purchased my protection plan my power window motors on both sides of my car went out.  Instead of paying the over $850 the dealership wanted to replace both motors with parts and labor, I simply paid my $100 deductible and went on my way a happy customer!!!